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The area has been preserved from any real estate invasion.
The floor levels of « la marinière », offer a view over the dunes, ocean and island of Groix.

The beaches can be accessed by foot or by bike.
Everything is still authentic: the people, landscapes, traditions and feasts.
vue sur la merThe inhabitants have kept their smile and are very welcoming.

Brittany has a living folklore.
In winter, go dancing at the « fest diez » together with the entire village from 7 to 97 years!
Here, even out of season, we never get bored!
barre d'EtelIn summer, each town invites you to a free traditional dance initiation in the pleasure of sharing and discovering.

The countryside is as close as is the sea, and all sea, cultural, rural and urban resources are remarkable.

fleurs de Bretagne

The islands of GROIX and BELLE ILE EN MER, Houat and Hoëdic can be accessed by boat.

The nearby Gulf of Morbihan offers an oceanic micro-climate that fills the camellias, rhododendrons, jasmine, cacti and Mediterranean plants gardens.